Cell Dynamics And Chromosomal Stability Workshop

September the 4th, 2023 at China Agricultural University, China

We will hold a workshop for the topic of cell division and migration dynamics and the chromosome segregation control during cell proliferation, with presentations about SpinX, the supported studies by Carl Zeiss, which uses Deep learning techniques for 3D + time series images. Established scientists in this field will be gathered here and give special talks.

No registration fee to join, we requested you to register you name and address below.

Registration Form is Here (or Here if you find difficult to access Google Form)

Date and Venue

September the 4th, 2023, 13:00-18:00.

China Agricultural University and Hybrid

Other Info

Organisers: Draviam Lab (Prof Viji M. Draviam, Dr Binghao Chai) & Fu Labs (Prof Jingyan Fu, Dr Xiaomin Fang).

Funders: UKRI Innovation UK (KTP) and UKRI BBSRC, Carl Zeiss Limited

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